A long overdue project for 2017, the autobiographical account of my five year relationship with my late wife.


A roller coaster ride that takes in our chance meeting in Switzerland in 1993, our long distance relationship fuelled by letters and telephone calls, the birth of our son in 1995, our wonderful marriage in Copenhagen in 1996, right on through to the day the world stopped making sense in 1998...

Something I have never made public until now is the sad fact that all the letters my late wife and I wrote to each other during our long distance relationship, have mysteriously disappeared.


A follow-up sequel to My Fun Loving Dane, The Lost Words offers a plausible, if not paranormal, explanation as to what might have become of them.

Adam Waring is a forty year old IT guru who has grown tired of his lot.


Mid-life crisis?  Almost certainly, but he is determined to change things before it's too late.


But do those around him believe him?  And more importantly, will his wife Carol support his decision?


Ticking Away is being written as a full length novel, although I have one eye on a potential for a sitcom; why not take a look at the script for the pilot?

Ticking Away

My Fun Loving Dane

The Lost Words

lost words ticking away fun loving dane

So here I lay down my collection of current writing projects, together with speculative ideas for book covers, all subject to change as the wind blows.


Extracts will appear in due course...  Watch this space!

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